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The Alta Valle Versa, and especially the territory of the country of Volpara, are perfect areas for the cultivation of Moscato wine and we had profs of coltivation of this grapes since ancien times.During the Italy’s fascist period, even the Vicar of the parish Don bartolomeo Diana was producing from Church vineyards Moscato of Volpara and he was selling wine to clients and to the Fascist leaders.Inside the Church of Volpara, on the wall at the right of the High Altar, is raffigurated the Mussolini fascist leader, Roberto Farinacci, in the place of one of the witnesses who assist to the Jesus’s miracle of the man born blind.The reason of the raffiguration of Cremona’s ras, secretary of Fascist party from 1925 to 1926, in the church of Volpara, is easy to say: the vicar knew the hierarch since the time he was a child and he lived in Voghera.
Don Bartolomeo Diana, in the first decade of the 20th century, was the curate of the Voghera Cathedral and in this period he became friend of the future ras. He was also his Confirmation sponsor.In the years of his political luck, early the jugs, and then the bottles of Moscato wine that the vicar was selling to Farinacci in Cremona, increased. So Don Bartolomeo asked to the Turin painter Carlo Morgari, who was painting the church of Volpara, to portray one of the characters of the evangelic episode in the likeness of Farinacci.Morgari, painter of high level, satisfied the developer and also Farinacci, during a visit to Don Diana, agree that the imagine was good likeness.

Today, we finally agree on the uniqueness of Volpara Moscato and we agree also on the fact that the grapes are not comparable to others Moscato grapes.

So, to safeguard the product, on decide to define and map the production land and to create a consortium which adopt a strict method, enhancing Volpara Moscato. The consortium brand, that reproduce an old imagine impressed in the Municipal Palace, is usable from partners, only if the grapes used for producing Moscato is obtened from vineyards stationed in the territory geographically delimitated.

Today, the Moscato of Volpara is the flagship wine of the farm Monterosso and I’m proud of this because thanks to territory, work, research and sperimentation I’ve been able to get a precious wine.

The choice of the best vineyards, the low production of vineyards, the manual collection, made only in the middle of ripening of grapes, the managment of must and of its fermentation, the periodic controls with analytical and organoleptic tests, allow us to be able to bottle this gold jewel, well aware that our commitment will be appreciated from the increasing number of loyal friends and clients.

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